Your 7/7 Veterinary Assistance

Thanks to the contributions of our veterinary partners, we've been able to gather a wealth of valuable information on a variety of pet health topics. Whether you have questions about dental care, nutrition, disease prevention, or any other topic related to animal health, we're here to help!

Your free veterinary assistance
Your free veterinary assistance
Your free veterinary assistance

our mission

We're here to help you keep your pet healthy and happy!

We are convinced that this initiative will be of great benefit to pet owners seeking quality advice on the health and well-being of their four-legged companions.

We're proud to be able to offer this service to our community. We hope you enjoy this new initiative, and that you won't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your pet's health.

How does it work?


Your request

It is important to be precise in your request in order to receive the most useful and relevant information possible. Please include your pet's age and weight in your request, as well as any relevant information about the problem you are experiencing.



As soon as we receive your request, we do our utmost to process it quickly and efficiently. We analyze your situation and mobilize our resources to offer you a response tailored to your needs.


Our answer

We are committed to providing you with the best advice to help you solve your problem with your pet. We're here to support you and give you the keys to caring for your pet in the best possible conditions.

Fast assistance

We understand that waiting for a vet appointment can sometimes be a source of frustration and anxiety for pet owners. That's why we're here to support and advise you before you even get to see a professional. We're here to help you assess your pet's situation and offer advice to put your mind at rest. We understand how important your pet is to you, and we're here to support you and help you care for your pet in the best possible way.


Benefit from a veterinary assistance service at your fingertips to answer all your questions about your pet's health and well-being. Whether you need quick advice or a detailed answer, our team of professionals is on hand to support you at every stage of your pet's life. 

You can ask as many questions as you like and benefit from our expertise at any time. Don't leave your pet's health questions unanswered.

Veterinary assistance

It is important to use the same e-mail address as the one you used when you signed up.. Without this information, it will be difficult for us to verify your membership status and respond to your support requests efficiently. We therefore encourage you to use the same e-mail address you used for your premium membership on
To get the best answer for your pet, be specific in your request, providing as many details as possible, such as breed, age, diet, behavior and any health problems. This will help the experts understand your situation and provide you with useful advice.

* If your pet is injured or ill, it is important to call your veterinarian immediately. Please note that we are unable to diagnose your pet or perform medical procedures to treat it. It is therefore essential to consult an animal health professional for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment of your pet's health problem.

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